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I do not know about you, but I learned my manners really fast growing up. Some people, it seems, never do, as shown by today’s comic. Yes, this did happen at work. For anyone who works or has worked in retail, I’m sure you’ve all felt the same way:After these awful, over-entitled housewives bitched me out for trying to do my job right and stormed out, I got upset for all of three seconds before I realized that while murdering them in real life was a felony, murdering them in comics is perfectly acceptable. Upset mood instantly evaporated as I started envisioning all the horrible things that could happen. Art is the best form of catharsis!

And here are some not-so-psychotic drawings.

I started reading over this old novel my friend and I had written together in high school, and wanted to do a little character redesign with my IMPROVED ART SKILLZ.

Harry Potter, why are you so mean to Kiki? (though to be honest I should have probably drawn Malfoy instead)

I love witches. I think I will also be doing a series of “Influential Witches” illustrations.

That’s all for now! Expect lots of updates, as my work has a great scanner. Cheers!


instead of studying like a normal person! I guess it’s better than procrastination via doing meth or something.

Two little comics for ya, one from Chinese class (weird and hilarious shit always happens when you throw a bunch of 18-21 year old Asians together, plus our really young teacher) and one to say, to all of you stressed out, overworked, underfed and exhausted college kids out there, HAPPY FUCKING STUDYING. Laaaa~ When my professor posts the slides from that lecture onto Blackboard, I am so screencapping it and putting it in this post.

see you next week if the bags under my eyes haven’t sagged to the floor, incapacitating my movement.

I’m getting better at this whole regular updating thing!

Great, awesome, exciting news: this summer, I will be an administrative assistant in the art department at Scholastic, yay! Children’s books! Bright, primary colors! ART! YAY! I’m super excited for this job, which will give me more insight into my potential future career path… which is why I am neglecting my due-in-two-weeks lab report to draw and blog and write. WHOOPS. We had some funny answers to our surveys, though… even though it was mostly just fill-in-number-scales. Anyways, onward!

I’ve been doing little $5 doodle commissions, mostly of people’s characters. If you’ve ever wanted some artwork from me, they’re still going on. Just drop me an email!

So there’s that.

More srsbsns wise, I started drawing a comic. It turned into an autobiographical comic about something that happened to me in high school. I don’t know if I’ll continue it, because I think it stands all right on its own as a two-pager, and I’m not sure if I can write about it the way I want to, still, but we will see. Breakups happen, and they suck, but this one in particular left a really deep impression… although, if it weren’t for this breakup, things would have gone a whole lot differently. It definitely worked out for the best, but it’s one of those things you still think about from time to time. This medium is the first to somewhat accurately capture what I wanted to capture.

Plus it was great incentive to play with this new thick-wobbly-nonstraight-line-panel style.

Next week: more comics, Wendy dying in class, no more puppy (she’s going home today, BOO), probably an angry drawing or two. See you then!

The muses must be smiling down upon me (either that or I finally realized that I will have more hours to draw if I don’t sleep, and in my insomniatic delirium I produce masterpieces) but OH MY GOD a new blog post in less than a week after my last one! What is this world coming to?!

I’ve only just begun to re-realize how good it feels to draw for yourself and to just break loose and have fun. Forget how much those pens cost (I think I’m more productive when I use a fine-point Sharpie than when I use my “good art pens”) and give in to your imagination.

Except in my case my imagination looks something like this:

It’s the Butter Queen herself, with Saladfingers to boot! This should not be surprising, seeing as how every time Neyrelle and I get together for dinner we end up  quoting Paula from this video: 

You’re welcome. It will now be stuck in your head forever. Here’s some visual reference for Neyrelle’s and my tea parties:

I have to give the boy some credit; he puts up with me making Saladfingers noises at him. For that, he gets a drawing. But no, really (also I was in dire need of perspective/background practice and I have a pretty good memory of what his cafe looks like) :

Alas, the right wall doesn’t bend like that. Next time, wall, NEXT TIME I will get you for sure!

Neyrelle and I stayed up all night watching Avatar, The Last Airbender, one lovely night during spring break. I love Toph!

On Saturday, Mike and I went to lunch, to Tokyo Rebel (where I gazed and touched and cried blood and tears because I haven’t made nearly enough to afford one of those gorgeous Lolita dresses yet) and then to a bagel place where we sat down and drew self-portraits of each other. I adore his use of color and his collage work; GO LOOK AT HIS ART RIGHT NOW.

Last, but not least, a preview: I’m currently working on a new comic for class (and by Thor, it will be finished this time) and was playing around with this character’s outfit:

If I’m this productive within the next week and can manage ANOTHER update, it will be a miracle. Here’s hoping. Hope you guys have a lovely week! Don’t forget to get your eight hours every night, as I’m sitting here yawning my head off in the computer lab and desperately wishing I had a cup of strong tea.

Dear sweet Jesus, it’s been almost a month since I updated. Again. What in god’s name happened to my work ethic over the last month?! Well, school started, and this semester, I actually like all of my classes, so I have not been doodling in them. I can’t, either, since everything is in smaller groups and there’s no more lecture to fall asleep in. Nevertheless, I have a few drawings/comics.

I’ve been on another His Dark Materials kick. For those of you who don’t know, it’s an incredibly inspiring trilogy by master Philip Pullman and reading it is like having a holy experience. Here are some drawings for you of the characters: Lyra, Will, Mrs. Coulter:

And a few comics based on recent experiences (:

And a little self-portrait. I got a lovely dress for my birthday and it was fun to draw:

There will be more (frequent) updates coming, because I am working on something that will merit said frequent updates! (and will also keep me on my toes). Meanwhile, head over to my tumblr for things that inspire me (warning: A LOT OF PAULA DEEN), occasional graphic novel reviews and sappy journaling. Cheers!

I’ve been getting really into lolita clothing lately (my lovely friend Lara has something to do with that!) and hence have been drawing a lot of lolitas. My writing professor also encouraged me to keep writing and rewriting my doll story “Practical Alchemy” into a novel (which I might pursue over the summer maybe) so I’ve been drawing those characters and that world as well… which also fits in to the Victorian lolita/steampunk-esque aesthetic.

So here are some new drawings:

Happy Monday! I ended up skipping lab because… well… uh… no excuses, really. Just a sleepy college student.

I don’t know about you, but my threshold of annoyance is very low for people like this…

I am drawing one comic a day and posting them and am currently a day ahead! This happened yesterday. I ran into a dapper gentleman in Washington Square Park with a pigeon perched on his shoulder. It looked so much like his daemon and made me extraordinarily happy.

Then later that evening…

happy Thursday! The week is almost over! ALMOST!

I’ve been experimenting a little lately with simple, hand-drawn comics. They’re quick and easy and fun. I think this month until Dec. 7th I will attempt to draw one short little comic per day and see how it goes. Granted, it is mostly about my silly life, but it’s a good exercise in storytelling!

Speaking of storytelling, here are more doodles: my homage to the badass girls of Sin City and Kill Bill, and Red Riding Hood.

These past few weeks have just been me playing around with stuff… but I am working on commissions and hopefully will be ready to start “Amuse Bouche” after I do this month’s little challenge!