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I do not know about you, but I learned my manners really fast growing up. Some people, it seems, never do, as shown by today’s comic. Yes, this did happen at work. For anyone who works or has worked in retail, I’m sure you’ve all felt the same way:After these awful, over-entitled housewives bitched me out for trying to do my job right and stormed out, I got upset for all of three seconds before I realized that while murdering them in real life was a felony, murdering them in comics is perfectly acceptable. Upset mood instantly evaporated as I started envisioning all the horrible things that could happen. Art is the best form of catharsis!

And here are some not-so-psychotic drawings.

I started reading over this old novel my friend and I had written together in high school, and wanted to do a little character redesign with my IMPROVED ART SKILLZ.

Harry Potter, why are you so mean to Kiki? (though to be honest I should have probably drawn Malfoy instead)

I love witches. I think I will also be doing a series of “Influential Witches” illustrations.

That’s all for now! Expect lots of updates, as my work has a great scanner. Cheers!


my brain was already in full summer mode a few days ago (which is bad because I only finished my last paper at, oh, 5:30 this morning) but nevertheless! Here is some new artwork; a short comic and some sketches. I’ve been really obsessed with detail lately, having read Will Eisner’s A Contract With God and Craig Thompson’s Blankets– both artists are less about the screentones, which I have used a lot in previous work, and more about details in the lineart. It’s fun to sit and see how many perfectly straight lines you can draw.

…wait, is that not fun for anyone else?

Onward! here’s a short comic, featuring one of my old characters:

I went to Books of Wonder with Mike the other day and picked up A Practical Guide to Wizardry, and this is what happened:

Lolita-fashion inspired:

another old character gets a makeover:

Also here’s an obligatory Paula Deen drawing in honor of Mother’s Day:

Until next time! I’m freeeeeeeee, finally!


I’m terribly sorry I haven’t been updating as regularly as I would like. One would think that winter break, of all things, would prompt more frequent updates! But no, alas.Being home in Connecticut made me sluggish and sleepy, and all I wanted to do was eat and sew things (which I did… more on that in a bit). So while I spent my two weeks home being crafty and the last few weeks being productive (going to work, buying art supplies with Christmas money, painting and doodling incessantly, finding inspiration in all sorts of places) this blog still remained neglected.

Well, I’m blowing off the cobwebs.

I have really gotten into Lolita fashion lately, and while three-hundred dollar dresses are lovely, they are also three-hundred-dollar dresses, to be saved up for and cherished forever. But definitely not garments to be bought on a regular basis. But they are all so pretty! What is a girl to do? Make one, of course. I was lucky enough to score this $5 Charlotte Russe, sweetheart-neckline basic black dress off the clearance rack at the mall, and with a couple yards of fabric, some lace and buttons, turned it into this (also pardon my holey stockings) :

But wait, there’s more! I am also crocheting a sweater to go with the dress, because, as you can see, the cardigan I have on in the photo is too long and doesn’t compliment it in the best way. More on that when I finish.

Now, for actual drawings. I’ve been painting quite a bit:

This was watercolor layered on over Micron pen; I went over it again after I put the colors on to make those black lines nice and crisp.

I really like dry-brushing as opposed to wet brush layering– maybe that just means I’m a terribly impatient person, but I also like the way colors come out when you slather on the shades.

And here are two not-so-recent paintings from the summer that I haven’t scanned and uploaded until now:

I think my drawings of dead people have gotten a little more refined, don’t you?

till next time (hopefully it won’t be over a month!)