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my brain was already in full summer mode a few days ago (which is bad because I only finished my last paper at, oh, 5:30 this morning) but nevertheless! Here is some new artwork; a short comic and some sketches. I’ve been really obsessed with detail lately, having read Will Eisner’s A Contract With God and Craig Thompson’s Blankets– both artists are less about the screentones, which I have used a lot in previous work, and more about details in the lineart. It’s fun to sit and see how many perfectly straight lines you can draw.

…wait, is that not fun for anyone else?

Onward! here’s a short comic, featuring one of my old characters:

I went to Books of Wonder with Mike the other day and picked up A Practical Guide to Wizardry, and this is what happened:

Lolita-fashion inspired:

another old character gets a makeover:

Also here’s an obligatory Paula Deen drawing in honor of Mother’s Day:

Until next time! I’m freeeeeeeee, finally!


The muses must be smiling down upon me (either that or I finally realized that I will have more hours to draw if I don’t sleep, and in my insomniatic delirium I produce masterpieces) but OH MY GOD a new blog post in less than a week after my last one! What is this world coming to?!

I’ve only just begun to re-realize how good it feels to draw for yourself and to just break loose and have fun. Forget how much those pens cost (I think I’m more productive when I use a fine-point Sharpie than when I use my “good art pens”) and give in to your imagination.

Except in my case my imagination looks something like this:

It’s the Butter Queen herself, with Saladfingers to boot! This should not be surprising, seeing as how every time Neyrelle and I get together for dinner we end up  quoting Paula from this video: 

You’re welcome. It will now be stuck in your head forever. Here’s some visual reference for Neyrelle’s and my tea parties:

I have to give the boy some credit; he puts up with me making Saladfingers noises at him. For that, he gets a drawing. But no, really (also I was in dire need of perspective/background practice and I have a pretty good memory of what his cafe looks like) :

Alas, the right wall doesn’t bend like that. Next time, wall, NEXT TIME I will get you for sure!

Neyrelle and I stayed up all night watching Avatar, The Last Airbender, one lovely night during spring break. I love Toph!

On Saturday, Mike and I went to lunch, to Tokyo Rebel (where I gazed and touched and cried blood and tears because I haven’t made nearly enough to afford one of those gorgeous Lolita dresses yet) and then to a bagel place where we sat down and drew self-portraits of each other. I adore his use of color and his collage work; GO LOOK AT HIS ART RIGHT NOW.

Last, but not least, a preview: I’m currently working on a new comic for class (and by Thor, it will be finished this time) and was playing around with this character’s outfit:

If I’m this productive within the next week and can manage ANOTHER update, it will be a miracle. Here’s hoping. Hope you guys have a lovely week! Don’t forget to get your eight hours every night, as I’m sitting here yawning my head off in the computer lab and desperately wishing I had a cup of strong tea.

Good lord. I promised I’d be updating this blog more frequently once the school year started, didn’t I? Well, that failed spectacularly. -_-

This semester I’ve been juggling three different jobs (freelancing, tutoring and store-clerk-ing) along with all my classes (Chinese is killing me. KILLING ME) and a semi-social life that mostly consists of watching Paula Deen on Friday nights while devouring hamburgers, tea and cookies. Let me tell you, she’s inspired some bizarro illustrations that I am in the process of drawing. Be afraid. Be very, very afraid.

So in between Paula Deen and class and dancing to Taylor Swift when the store is empty on Fridays and watching all the lights in Manhattan from somewhere in Brooklyn with a boy who loves the Rangers (romantic, right?) I… kind of failed to update. And draw for myself.

But I have a minute now, and I am in the process of getting through a couple more freelance projects… so hopefully I’ll be updating a bit more often. Fingers crossed. By next Wednesday I will probably be tearing my hair out over Chinese and psych lab and updating will be the last thing on my mind, but a girl can dream. The power to stop time would be really handy right about now.

Anyways! Drawings: some fanart (I’ve loved Sakura ever since Cardcaptor Sakura; imagine how excited I was in high school to see her again in Tsubasa); a diagram of how much I am a disappointment to my mother; and lastly a steampunk revamp of an old, old character. In that order: