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Happy Monday! I ended up skipping lab because… well… uh… no excuses, really. Just a sleepy college student.


I don’t know about you, but my threshold of annoyance is very low for people like this…

I am drawing one comic a day and posting them and am currently a day ahead! This happened yesterday. I ran into a dapper gentleman in Washington Square Park with a pigeon perched on his shoulder. It looked so much like his daemon and made me extraordinarily happy.

Then later that evening…

happy Thursday! The week is almost over! ALMOST!

I’ve been experimenting a little lately with simple, hand-drawn comics. They’re quick and easy and fun. I think this month until Dec. 7th I will attempt to draw one short little comic per day and see how it goes. Granted, it is mostly about my silly life, but it’s a good exercise in storytelling!

Speaking of storytelling, here are more doodles: my homage to the badass girls of Sin City and Kill Bill, and Red Riding Hood.

These past few weeks have just been me playing around with stuff… but I am working on commissions and hopefully will be ready to start “Amuse Bouche” after I do this month’s little challenge!