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A little gag comic. If Neyrelle and I went to the Jasmine Dragon, chaos would ensue. (In this alternate universe, I’m a waterbender and she’s a firebender).

Pens, cleaned up and shaded roughly in Photoshop


I could seriously write essays on why Avatar: The Last Airbender is one of the greatest shows of all time. Of all time. Doing so would simultaneously make me revere the creators and hate M Night Shymalamafailsauce for bombing the movie so spectacularly. But this is an art blog, so… I made art. I’ve been experimenting with semi-realism a lot, but drawing real people bore me. Drawing fictional people are more fun.

I am one of those girls who ship Zuko and Katara. As to Toph and Sokka, no, not really, but they were fun to color. Aang, Mai, Azula and Ty Lee remain sketches until I figure out something new to do with them. Maybe I will paint them in Photoshop.

sketchy sketches:

Expect more Avatar art along with my usual mumbo-jumbo!