Wild New Comic Uses CONCEPT and PLANNING.

Wendy fainted.

In the past two weeks I have consequently gone from the hating-everything side of the spectrum through the maybe-it’s-okay to the oh-gosh-life-is-great! side. I’ve been writing nonstop and drawing nonstop. None of it’s fit for public viewing yet so there is practically nothing to post here, except…

I am writing a new comic. Finally. It’s been ages since I started something, and this time, this time, this time, it is going to get finished. (I keep saying that about Snow Queen, but that story’s kind of taken root and died in a past I’d rather not go back to). I started out writing this comic, tentatively titled Amuse Bouche, as a short story for my fiction class. I got bored of writing prose and it quickly turned into tiny scenes loaded with dialogue. The idea, beginning, middle and end, popped out within the span of three hours (although, it HAS been brewing about in my head for quite awhile).

This comic will address all of my frustrations and loves about romance novels/shoujo manga/webcomics based off of romance novels and shoujo manga. There will also be an unhealthy amount of food in it, given my preoccupation with making and eating it this semester. It’s about two girls who are cousins, their family diner, and boys. What we all care about in life, really. I hope everyone enjoys bearing with me as I post updates about the story and sketches and maybe, maybe, by Thanksgiving break we’ll have a page or three up!

Happy Halloween, everyone!