I have been alternating between hating everyone in physics and hating everyone in world cultures; class has really been a sorry affair so far, but things are getting better. I made a friend in physics and we make jabs at freshman philosophy majors (not aimed at all at the freshman philosophy major who sits behind us and makes allusions to obscure forms of psychoanalysis that he says don’t work, namedrop, namedrop namedrop, Freud Camus Aristotle Sophocles Socrates Aristophanes Sun Tzu Laozi etc.)

World Cultures recitation, however, was lovely on Wednesday. Our TA, Ayako, said she had a treat for us– that we could spend fifteen minutes in class quietly reading from Kenko’s Essays in Idleness and then we would, GASP, get to go outside, enjoy the beautiful weather, and write little diary entries for half an hour, inspired by Kenko’s observational style! I was so happy. Except my happiness was nearly spoiled by the kids in my class who “did not understand the assignment”; “is this going to be on the exam”, etc. DIE. Anyway. Here are some more doodles from class and from late night ideas fueled by chocolate cupcakes and fried sesame seed dough things.

I love the cute stringy |: face style of Adventuretime.

I also still have a fondness for blazers and loose socks, the byproduct of too much anime in high school:

And clothes. I think I saw this somewhere on Yesstyle.com

And a random super-fine pen comic I doodled in writing class.

I hope class is less stab-inducing for everyone else!