I will be the first person to admit I am not a low-maintenance girl. It takes me about half an hour (sometimes more so) to get ready in the morning because I have to look like my version of “not a hot mess.” My version of “hot mess” includes hair not floofed up with gel and blow dried (because my hair is awfully flat), zero make up (my complexion requires a dusting of powder at all times) and zero jewelry (I feel naked without at least one necklace, bracelet or ring on. Or even my ear cuff. No earrings are okay, but I need to have my ear cuff). Therefore those things must be accomplished on top of the usual morning hygiene. Forget about picking out an appropriate outfit. On the days when I can kiss being on time goodbye, I grab a dress. They are the best for looking like you tried when really you were just too damn lazy to pair a top with a bottom. I wear dresses a lot. I am lazy. But I need all those things to make me feel functional as I start my day.

I need caffeine so I don’t act like a crabby bitch and fall asleep as I’m going down the sidewalk. I need to take my morning vitamins because without them I feel like I will die. I need to take my afternoon and evening vitamins because without them I feel like I might die as well. I need money for lunch and my red moleskin so I look like every pretentious asshole you see in the park writing down their tortured thoughts, but really, I just get bored in lectures sometimes. And I need my watch to constantly glance at so that I can make sure I’m on time… or at least no more than five minutes late.

However, in between all these bare necessities (…but not really bare. It just shows how horribly spoiled I’ve become), in-between powdering my snubby little nose and getting to class on time, sometimes I get distracted and stare at leaves shaped like miniature whales or at two squirrels fighting like an old married couple. I get distracted by all the colors and think about how primates are the only animals with stereoscopic color vision. I think if our world ever became like the one from The Giver it would be miserable (for many reasons) but for me, probably, I would miss color. I might not ever know what color is if I lived in that world, however.

But if I did and it was gone? Depressing, indeed.

tl;dr: I need colors. I also think it’s a cop-out from having to draw something new, but whatever–experimenting with palettes and coloring lines contribute just as much to a drawing as the composition itself. I have largely ignored what colors can do until now. The bright blue of an autumn sky, the gray hues of winter. I don’t think I realized it when I was fooling around with the palettes in Photoshop!

Today (this morning? This evening?) I have two drawings: the lineart of yesterday’s work, with lots of color, and my share of an art trade with my friend Sara. I didn’t intend for the drawing of her character to be in a winter setting, but he kind of turned out that way!