I am stubborn. My mother has long yelled at me for being stubborn, ai-ya, WHY YOU NO LISTEN TO ME?! But part of my stubbornness comes from refusing to back down from anything once I’ve started–I’ll see it through to the end!

Except for drawing challenges. I tried the 100 Themes last summer and failed horribly four themes in, my inspiration sputtering indignantly, my brain wandering to other things. But this last month of a glorious glorious summer I have vowed to do this challenge and follow it through to the end. I have learned since that these challenges aren’t about making something awe-inspiring, the kind that will have Hollywood falling all over themselves to buy the rights to or comic editors clamoring to pick up, but simply, about having fun and seeing what one comes up with.

I’ve said before, for an ardent perfectionist like myself it’s hard sometimes to see past the cliched concepts and the screwy anatomy, the god-my-perspective-SUCKS and the I-should-just-keep-drawing-heads (because you can’t really beat drawing heads. Drawing bodies carries greater responsibility). It is hard to time myself and force myself to get the “feel”, to try not to worry TOO much about the way the figure is posing.

I tasted the sheer joy of creating nonstop when I did that first batch of sketch requests a week or two ago and I intend to carry this through to the end. Now I’ll shut up and let you see the actual drawing:

A few words on this:

1) I am narcissistic and spend probably more time than I should staring in mirrors, trying to see the angles of my face and nose and eyes. As it turns out half the girls I draw people point and ask if it’s me and it’s probably because I have subtly incorporated elements of my own body type and face into them. Whoops! But this time it really is me. And I do own that dress, that necklace, those shoes.

2) the Siamese prancing at my feet is my daemon. A daemon is… well, read His Dark Materials by Pullman. Or if you have, you know that a daemon is the animal manifestation of your soul and a daemon’s animal shape best represents the personality that you have. Draw what conclusions you like from the fact that my daemon takes the form of a Siamese!

3) I had a ton of fun with this. Seriously, it’s great to just break out the tablet, start scribbling away in Photoshop and to see what comes of it!

The 30 Day Drawing Challenge can be found here.