once again, it is past a reasonable hour in the evening when one should be going to bed, hence the long, rambly sentences and probable misuse of grammar. I don’t know why, but when I’m staring zombie-like at the screen my hand just kind of moves automatically on its own and I Get Shit Done. And maybe it was because my fellow interns and I have spent the last two days of work cleaning out an entire closet that was jam packed with boxes upon boxes of every comic we’ve published in the last five years, but superheroes have been on my brain!

Drip goes the faucet. A tiny roach skitters across the floor, to be met with a swift and sudden death. Such is a night in my mundane life, but my superhero alter-ego, the Psychic Psychologist, lives a much more exciting one, along with her teammates, Shadowhammer and the Violet Vengeance! (Maybe I’ll put some color in this later). Done entirely via tablet in Photoshop. Notice how the proportions are correct this time? The lovely layer tool helped with that–I did a really rough sketch in red, then a cleaner one in blue, then inked over that. I am getting better at “dynamic” poses, thanks to my job and seeing all the POWs and WHAMs all the time in the panels! Next time, I’ll have a few more pages of a comic done and hopefully some more drawings of random things. Au reuvoir!