It came as another one of those midnight flashes of “GO GO GO GO GO”, where you can’t help but be super productive and then curse yourself as you are supposed to be getting up at a reasonable hour. But since it’s summer, and it’s a weekend, all that went to hell. Last night what turned into a quick exercise in keeping my tablet fingers flexible became a “hey I’ll do requests for people to comment on this facebook status update–you and something you can’t live without.”

I read about this self-discipline technique that Sarah Wilson blogged on a week or two ago, and (naively perhaps) didn’t feel that it applied to sketching in the same way. She writes about writing in thirty-minute bursts, that once you’re in the zone nothing matters but productivity–forget editing, crossing out, reading back. That’s great, I thought, I’ll try it next time I write. But not when I draw–drawing is always a meticulous process for me, one where I constantly edit the anatomy because it’s wonky, or end up scrapping if the pose isn’t great.

Last night, however, I became less focused on all of that. I forced my perfectionist brain to let go of all the “those fingers look a little weird” “that arm’s off” and instead worked on getting the “feel” of the drawing–of the personality of the subject. These five drawings (four requests + a doodle of myself) were the result. Each of them only took twenty minutes and were done at 300 DPI on 2×4 canvas in Photoshop. They’re a bit rough and raw as far as refinement goes, but it was a great exercise in taking personality from this incorporeal thing to a drawing, as well as teaching myself to ink fast. Fast fast fast.

I’m working on some new projects–business cards, setting up shop, and doing a short comic for a magazine. Stay tuned!