I haven’t done a colored picture in quite awhile! And I haven’t done perspective… ever!

GoogleSketchUp is a great program for graphic novelists/comic artists/everyone who ever has struggled with perspective, because it allows you to import 3D models that other people have made or to make your own, and allows you to rotate and view from all different angles. It’s super helpful and makes for much more dynamic perspectives than I have been using thus far. SketchUp7 is free to download, and I encourage anyone and everyone to go download it and watch your perspective magically improve. You import the model as a JPEG file and scale it accordingly. I traced over mine with the pen tool and added some oomph with the tablet, but it’s great if you’re bored and want to do a little freehand sketching as well. Just pull up whatever model you want to use and draw away. It also allows you to make your own buildings and 3D models, but I haven’t played with it enough yet to come up with anything good. You can bet that I’ll be looking to this a lot in the future though!

yesterday was my friend Kieran’s birthday, so I decided to draw him something and practice with the SketchUp modeling. this was the result: