This weekend was impossibly beautiful, so I took my sketchbook onto the porch, set it up as stable as I could get it and took better-lit photos of my new watercolors. Sunlight has a tendency to over-expose, but it wasn’t all sunny all the time. A few clouds were good for the quality. I prefer photographing to scanning paintings, and I think I’m getting a little better at my lighting and angling. Here’s hoping.

I’m excited to get back to New York on Monday afternoon. Connecticut is lovely and quaint (and there’s a peace that comes from being at home), but there’s something about being in the middle of a crowd on a sunny day in Washington Square Park that makes painting more fun.

Being back at home also makes me nostalgic for high school times. The background is based on the senior walk at my old high school.

This little girl is Rosalie, a character from my short story “Practical Alchemy”:

A girl in some tall grass with a bunny at her side. I was just playing with different methods of shading, the darks first this time. I’m pleased with how her dress turned out.