I’m all done with finals! Lucky indeed, for that gives me time to sit in Washington Square Park, bask in the beautiful sunshine and play with my box of watercolors, which haven’t gotten much use since I first got them a month ago. They are wonderful. I’m still fooling around and trying to see what I can do with them and it’s a lot of fun. This summer I think I will start up a little shop on Etsy and try to sell some prints of my work. But before that I have to figure out what I’m doing with the watercolors first! Here’s a few recent ones:

Beron and Rosalie, from the rewritten short story “Practical Alchemy”:

I just finished rereading the His Dark Materials series a couple of days ago. those books get me every time! I decided to paint Pantalaimon, Lyra’s daemon:

and this was one of my very first attempts at watercolor over pen and ink; a girl in a field of sunflowers.

yesterday, while painting in the park, I lost my phone for a few hours. Frantic, I looked everywhere and then ended up calling it with my friend Talia’s phone. An old man picked up and told us where to go, so the two of us hightailed it to a bar in Midtown, where he kindly gave us the phone back. I am so damn lucky and thankful for that! Here are a few more things that I’m thankful for:

  • the start of summer promises many things. My new internship, running around New York City and enjoying the time off from school… I can’t wait!
  • watercolor sketchbooks and new pens
  • running into the uncanny where one least expects it
  • peach bubble tea, dumplings shared in the company of friends
  • Washington Square Park and the endless hours drawing
  • drawing, drawing, drawing, drawing, writing writing writing. My creative output is going to be a lot by the end of the summer!