I haven’t done one of these in forever, but there’s a lot to smile about this week.

  • first and foremost, MY NEW INTERNSHIP! I’m going to be working in the editorial department at Marvel Comics over the summer and I am so, so excited to start.
  • Summer’s almost here. after a couple of heinously cold days, it’s warming up again. Sunshine and bare legs, pretty dresses and picnics, cold tea and listening to music in the park… I love New York in the summer.
  • New York, New York, New York, I am so glad to be staying here.
  • making new friends, reconnecting with old ones.
  • unexpected small cute gestures from very sweet boys.
  • cameo necklaces and polka dotted watches
  • having a clean apartment. things are just so much better when everything’s neat and organized.
  • “Wendy, now Wendy is a gypsy fortune-teller at heart. But what the gypsies call fortune-telling, clinicians call empathy, and the ability to be able to read is one of the most important qualities a therapist can have.” – my last class in Creative Arts in the Helping Professions was today, and what my professor Maria said just made my day. It is one of the very best compliments I have ever received.
  • rereading His Dark Materials by Pullman. I always find something new and wonderful every time I open that book.
  • laughing as one is suddenly struck by a monstrous gust of wind, hair tossed all around and small flower petals that fly like sparrows (…or pigeons, this IS NYC after all)
  • singing! I am not a singer, but I did sing in front of my Chinese class today and it was very fun and liberating. Along with that, learning how to do a folk dance.

I hope your week’s been lovely, as well. What’s making your cheeks turn up in a smile?