to quote Old Greg. As a treat to myself for having made some income off a commission, I decided to buy a watercolor fieldwork kit (it’s Sakura brand, comes in a little white box and is super cute all around) and play around with watercolors. I’m rapidly learning not to do watercolor on the back of a page with an ink drawing on the front. Whoops! Maybe I’ll get a watercolor sketchbook sometime as well. They aren’t mind-blowing or anything, but it certainly was fun to do. I love adding subtle tints to ink drawings, or drawing right on top of the wash!

the flowers are so pretty at this time of year! I was sitting and painting in the park under the sun, the best way to be!

this was in my red book. you can see the drawing on the back of it, haha, and also my notes at the top.

and finally some more morbid art. I wonder what watercolor would do for the bloodstains instead of marker?

I am hopefully going to be completing a short short comic by the end of the week. We’ll see how that goes. I’ll probably be using it as part of my therapeutic intervention for my creative arts therapies class. 😀 I hope everyone is enjoying the fabulously sunny and warm New York spring (if you’re in New York, that is). I hope the weather’s nice for all of you elsewhere as well!