I’ve been home for break, and when that happens, I tend to look over my old sketchbooks and vomit a little in my mouth. And then I pick up a pen and draw it over again.

Drawing No. 1. I’ve always been fond of the Gothic Lolita aesthetic, but a year and a half ago the one I drew looked like she had hip problems…

So I decided to do a better version. I am getting better and better at freehanding without guidelines.

Claudia has always been my favorite character from the Vampire Chronicles, but I have such issues drawing children! From a year and a half ago:

She looks much more her age this time:

This last drawing took me an eternity, but was well worth it! I drew it on the back of the original drawing, which had a ton of anatomical issues + a half-assed background. I have discovered that buildings are fun to do, and a little color goes a long way. I also upped the contrast in Photoshop to make it look more like a night scene. Be warned: the full-size version is huuuuuge!:

ahhh. I think I gave myself carpel tunnel from the drawing, but it was well worth it!