first off, happy new year! 2010 should be a good one. 2009 was kind of bad all-around. Drama and death galore! Anyway, I got back a few days ago from my trip around the West Coast. San Diego was definitely the nicest part–I loved the waterfront park where I sat and meditated on the green grass and watched the ocean. The seals at La Jolla beach were also super adorable–I’ve never seen such bizarre and cuddly creatures up close. They actually bounce en route to the ocean. Fat seals!

Well, fat seals and this little guy who came right up to my camera:

My favorite part about LA? Definitely the coffee shop we went to. My friend Elizabeth and I windowshopped around and came across this tiny place called Jack and Jill’s Coffee, which had two of the best things ever: green tea lattes and crepes. oh, the crepes. We split a berries and nutella one.

I’m back in good old cold New England, though, and going back to New York on Monday. In the meantime, here’s a poem and a drawing. I haven’t been doing much of either because I learned to crochet while in Vegas. My friend Shelly was there as well with her family and in-between the obnoxious casino hopping and window shopping she taught me how to chain yarn together, providing me with endless hours of entertainment during the long drives in the shitty rental car. My first project was this little guy:

I left him at my aunt’s because she enjoyed it so much (and because she made the most kick-ass bread I’ve ever eaten). Right now I’m working on a pink octopus. 8D This mouse wasn’t hard to make though. I had to do a little tweaking with his ears and legs because it was based very loosely off the octopus pattern, then improvised by decreasing the stitches around the nose, so there was no actual pattern for either the ears or the legs. Ah, well. it worked out just fine.

As far as creative productivity goes, I wrote a poem and drew a showgirl while I was in Vegas (you can see the rough version of the poem around the showgirl drawing):

PS: I discovered the MJ is, in fact, alive, while I was in LA. It’s also the fobbiest pose ever, and I look disgustingly excited at this discovery:

That’s all. I’m working on a short comic right now, so keep an eye out for it!