I’ve tried to write this several times without sounding sentimental and mawkish, and now am just going to go with being sentimental and mawkish. I had my nose pierced last Friday. The impulse started Thursday night over bubble tea that stood in place of studying. As we sipped our frothy drinks the conversation somehow turned to piercings and I mentioned a nose piercing. That turned into my admiring Viv’s piercing. Vivi said we should go right then and there because Whatever Tattoos, where she’d gotten hers done, didn’t close till midnight, but I could not be that impulsive, so I decided to wait till the next day. I did some research, attempted to write a paper, finished the paper and the research, and went to bed well past three. The next morning I woke up, walked to Landmark Diner, ate a spinach omelette and had some of their amazing coffee and tottered off towards Chrystie St where New York Adorned was located.

With each step I thought it wasn’t too late to turn back. I didn’t have to put a big needle in my nose, really. I could just go sit in the park and get on with my homework like a good girl. But I knew, just as I knew that Manhattan was a relatively small phallic-shaped island near New York State, that I had to go through with this, and that it was good for me.

New York Adorned is a small and relatively inconspicuous storefront on Chrystie St. between 2nd and 3rd streets. A gray fan decorates the threshold. Google had rated it as the best place to go in the city. I was still a bit apprehensive as I stepped through the door. Cats, the receptionist, handed me the customary paperwork to fill out. She helped me pick out a tiny stud from the glass case near the register and then Chris shook my hand, introduced himself, and took me to the back. I asked to see their autoclave because I am a hypochondriac. He gladly complied. I sat up on the seat and Chris explained that he was marking my nose with a sterilized toothpick dipped in sterilized dye and to let me check the position to see if I was happy. He was very calm throughout the whole thing, talking me through, making sure I was calm and comfortable as well. He told me to take a deep breath. As I inhaled, I felt a pinch and as I exhaled it was over. I sat in the park for several hours afterwards.

Sometimes, we can’t just stick a toe out of our comfort zones. Sometimes we have to shove ourselves out, and are we falling? Is our comfort zone a hoop, a raised circular platform surrounded by nothing? The answer is, of course, not at all.

Getting a piercing is very cathartic. There’s all this pent up tension beforehand which curls and contracts itself into one tiny loaded spot, then the needle enters your skin, and then it evaporates. I promised myself that this semester I wouldn’t be afraid to put myself out there, to be more bold and daring. This was the first step, and the fact that I didn’t back out, or just simply toy with the idea of it, was a big step. I felt so good about myself afterwards.

I’m sure there’s some deep Freudian implication (that is, if you subscribe to the psychoanalytic approach) over why I felt so good about getting my nose pierced. But by the end of the day, I’m just a girl, just Wendy, same as I have always been, except with a tiny stud in my nose and a big smile on my face.


I am heaping love on my friend Talia for encouraging me to drink more water. I had no idea how dehydrated I was until she said, “Chug as much water as you can before you go to bed and the difference will be noticable in the morning.” So I did. And good god I was shocked. My skin felt so nice and smooth! It was looking really ratty and nasty before. Water. Mmm. Not only did my skin look great, my mood improved (probably because my skin didn’t look like total crap). It did a world of good, so now I’m trying to keep as hydrated as I can. Bottom line: DRINK MORE WATER. Always. Don’t do what I did. One day I went to bed realizing I had drank nothing that day except a mug of soymilk and tea. BAD.

WATER. It’s good. The end.

it’s a bit early but here are some things I love Thursdays:

  • bus stops
  • Sylvia Plath (I’m rereading The Bell Jar and it’s so lovely)
  • Ted Hughes (I’m reading his anthology Wolfwatching)
  • WATER. WATER WATER WATER. I can’t get enough water.
  • 75 cent tea
  • homemade fried rice
  • Emilie Autumn- I saw her in concert with my friend Ruth last night. I love her steampunk and her violin. “Enchant” is also a decent album full of fairy tale music, which of course is wonderful.
  • being ahead in schoolwork
  • the cold weather. I love wearing scarves and warming my hands with a cup of hot tea
  • impromptu hair styling sessions
  • bunnies that eat people
  • Ovid’s Metamporphoses. I’m rereading him for class and he never ceases to make me sigh. Some of my favorite stories are “Apollo and Daphne” and “Pyramus and Thisbe” and “Actaeon.”
  • Battle Angel Alita. I stopped reading this manga back in high school (why did I do that?) but I’m so glad I picked it up again! It’s full of cyborgs and artificial intelligence and also raises some interesting questions about the mind and how far it can go. The writer/artist obviously knows his psych as well as his chemistry. I’m thoroughly impressed.

Have a lovely weekend!