What a hectic, insane, maniacal week this has been! My cognition exam today ironically fried my brain and I spent two hours on the train going back and forth because unknowingly my internship got canceled today, ah well. Here’s to a hopefully less busy week next week.

Last night I saw Alice Sebold present three of the Best American Short Stories of 2009 at the Sharp Theatre, and while they were all pretty good, the best one by far was the first. It was called “The Briefcase” by Rebecca Makkai (you can read it here). It’s about a chef who switches identities with a professor during a war. It’s surreal and haunting and beautiful, and Victor Garber read it with panache.

The days fly. I count back the years, one, two, three. Sometimes I still believe that 1998 was very recent. In cognition class we learned a thing about mental maps: how we have a skewed perception of different things on a map according to our heuristics, how streets appear in our minds like they’re 90 degrees, how college buildings appear closer because we group them together under the same semantic category: “college buildings”. I wonder if my cognitive timeline works that way as well. Maybe I still think I’m an eight year old inside, god knows that sometimes I behave like one.

So my new goal, before I wake up one morning and realize I’m eighty: do more spontaneous, spur-of-the-moment things! Maybe the reason why I’ve been so crazy is because my life has been revolving around a consistent schedule: wake up, go to class, get groceries, clean the apartment, go to my internship, do homework, go to sleep, wake up, do it all over again. There hasn’t been that much excitement. I’m not really the excitement-seeking type, either–I’m never looking for the party, or whatever. Excitement for me is just something new and unusual happening. Well, you know what? I’m not waiting forever for the universe to give me something. The universe doesn’t owe me anything. It doesn’t owe anyone anything.

I went out tonight with Vivi for bubble tea, and that’s when I decided I’m getting a nose piercing. I’ve never gotten anything other than my ears pierced before, and putting this statement out on the depths of the Internet makes me more and more assured that I am going to do it. This will be my present to myself. Here’s to some more change!

Other notable things that make me smile this week:

  • the smell of the Nuts4Nuts! cart that I always sit near in the park. It’s honey and warmth mixed with almonds and peanuts and it’s always delicious.
  • soymilk, which I’ve been drinking more and more
  • impromptu  bubble tea runs
  • my new feathered cloche hat from Forever21
  • Gatsby parties on Governor’s Island
  • leopard print
  • cats
  • all the adorable dogs that stroll past me in the park (it makes me miss my puppy)
  • chocolate bars
  • salad! I’ve grown to love it. These days I rarely eat meat anymore. I’m not quite a vegetarian yet, but I’m getting there- apart from frozen chicken cutlets that I just reheat in the oven. Really, it’s so much more convenient to cook without it. I eat massive amounts of spinach with garlic, tofu and salad, almonds, grape tomatoes, crackers, carrots, hummus and berry cereal, and eggs. I feel really good. 😀
  • My health. I’m glad I have it.

Make yourself a great big cup of tea and have a lovely weekend. (: