Quick! One last post typed through fingers still shaking with sugar and coffee, one last post made with bloodshot sleepy eyes, one last post because although I should sleep very very soon I find myself exhuberently giddy. Ten things that have completely made my week this week:

  • Mark Rudman, my poetry professor. Coming back from my internship today I realized why I loved and still love poetry (though at times it’s a torrid affair). It’s the satisfaction of helping him edit a poem and knowing that every word, every space, every colon, semicolon and comma go towards a cohesive whole. It’s knowing that with every cut and linebreak the poem becomes more and more refined. It’s sensing the story that dances in the words. It’s intention and intonation. Also Mark has an awesome turtle named T. He’s sardonic, but very cute.
  • Green tea soymilk. Green tea ice cream. Strawberry Haagen-daz. Trader Joe’s grape tomatoes. Toss-on-a-pan-and-bake chicken. Sea salt and pepper rice chips. YUMMY FOOD. I find myself cooking more and more vegetarian when I’m at school, sans the insta-bake meat. It’s kind of nice, really, and healthy too.
  • Running into friends in the park, on the street, here and there and everywhere. I always get a little thrill when I see someone I like and we exchange hellos. It just makes my day brighter. Much love to Clayton and Lindsay and Steve, who always manage to find me in the park.
  • 75 cent tea, always with milk and sugar.
  • the blustery fall weather. I love wearing my new jacket and my bright red scarf. I love my tights and my boots. I love wrapping my hands around a steaming cup or tumbler of tea (haha I almost just spelled “tumbler” “tumblr”, shows just how much the internet is getting to me)
  • Cooking. I’ve gotten into the habit of cooking my own meals here at school and it’s very satisfying to come back to your room, no matter how late, and know that you can whip up something really good in under half an hour. so far I’ve made spinach with garlic, tofu with green onions, rice, curry and some very excellent salads. What’s also amazing is having friends who live in your dorm who cook– holla, Belinda and Chloe! There is nothing like homemade pasta sauce and chicken soto, so good for what ails you.
  • Kobato by CLAMP. I’ve missed reading fluffy manga that’s just all-around fun and silly. Kobato is so cute. I kind of want all of her clothes and hats–they’re very twenties’ inspired. I also love how CLAMP does crossovers of characters from all their other works, so I can pick out who is who from other series. It makes me really excited when I see one character in a different context. It also makes me kind of a huge  nerd, because that means I read too much CLAMP manga, but oh well. Whatever.
  • Drawing excessive amounts. I’m working on kind of a new drawing style that’s not so reliant on guidelines and is much more cartoony. It’s refreshingly different, and a nice change of pace. It’s also inspired by the Scott Pilgrim books. I’ve kind of forgotten what it’s like to draw and go nuts. I’m really excited to start work on a  short comic that uses this style.
  • Being busy. Busy busy busy. Every single day this week I’ve had something to do and it feels really nice to keep myself occupied. It fuels creativity and allows me to be more organized and consistent with my schedule, but it also makes me appreciate the free time I do have.
  • my parents. It’s so weird. I keep thinking about how four years ago I never thought I would have the relationship I do with them. Who really changed, in terms of personality? Maybe all of us did. But I love my mom and my dad. They are amazing and supportive people. My mom says the most outrageous and adorable things and emails me random Lolcat pictures. My dad recommends me graphic novels. You can’t get much better than that. ❤