Awhile back, my friend Julia and I finished a novel tentatively titled Practical Alchemy (I title everything Practical Alchemy). It’s set in an alternate universe New York around the early 1900’s because both of us have a fondness for steampunk. It was fun to write, and even more fun to illustrate scenes and characters.

Can you tell that I really loved the movie Interview with the Vampire? I shamelessly stole Claudia’s character design from the movie and incorporated it into Maya. Of course Diego would be played by Antonio Banderas (who also played Armand in the movie). Raul’s face was based off of Rollo Weeks, the boy who played Rudolph in The Little Vampire (such a childhood favorite of mine). Aria was taken after Amy Adams (Princess Giselle from Disney’s Enchanted) and her friend Claire after a young Elizabeth Taylor. As for Sebastian… he’s kind of based off someone I met in New York. Teehee.

I’ve also never had much patience to do a background until now. The background was surprisingly fun, more fun than the actual figures themselves. Yay cobblestones and old fashioned-ness. ❤