Perspective, perspective! Perspective has always been my weak point–you’d think after a year in the city I’d have learned a thing or two about it, but alas no. I tried, though, and I’m improving bit by bit with each drawing I do that has an actual background (as opposed to the thousands and thousands of floating heads I’ve drawn since I started drawing at age four).

Drawing with sharpie pens have become my new love. Sharpie doesn’t bleed through Bristol board and makes nice clean lines of all different thicknesses depending on how you want it. Plus, they’re much cheaper to buy than inking pens! Of course, nothing beats my Microns or my brush pens, but with those I always have a certain reservation about using–I want them to make something GOOD. With Sharpie, I’m just uninhibitedly having fun.

Note my inability to draw in a straight line.


VertialAriadneCourtroomResizedthat’s it for now! Until next time. ❤