The 100 Themes Art Challenge (linked here: is pretty self-explanatory. In the past two days I’ve done the first three. The themes are pretty vague, but they’re very inspiring. I’m having a great time drawing. Up until this point, I’ve been afraid to touch my shiny good Bristol board because it’s a bit expensive and there aren’t that many sheets to a pack, and I’ve also been afraid to use my good brush pens because they’re also expensive. But what’s the point of buying nice art supplies if they’re not going into use? So I finally put my apprehension aside, forgot about making it “good” or “original” and just decided to have as much fun as possible. I forget that a lot of times it’s just about having fun (unless you’re getting paid. Then that’s a different story).

001BeginningsI think kids in love are the cutest things ever (especially little Edwardian kids). so gentlemanly! I also love ivy and the heart shaped leaves of moonflower trellises, so I decided to throw a few of those in, too. The beginning of a relationship is always fun.

002LoveNobody knows love like Humbert Humbert. Lolita is one of my all time favorite books. I tried to give HH a bit of a Humphrey Bogart/Fred Astaire kind of old Hollywood charm. 003LightI’ve been watching too much Interview with the Vampire. Real vampires burn to ashes in sunlight. I had a lot of fun scribbling all the blackness into this picture, is that really morbid of me?

Forget about making it good, just have some fun with it! I encourage everyone to try this challenge; it got rid of my art block fast.