Wow! What a week of emotional ups and downs. Despite the dreary weather, I’m seriously appreciating my life today. Here are a few things.

-My new shoes from Steve Madden. They are so fabulous, despite being a bit hard on the backs of my ankles–but the heel is the perfect height and walking in heels has never been so so so comfortable. Plus, they’re shiny and black and mary janes. How can I not love them?

-The Flushing Mall. Manjoo and polka-dot dresses. Especially the polka dot dress I bought last week that I’ve been basically living in and it’s quite possibly my most favorite dress ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Well, I don’t know. But it’s pretty fabulous, fabulous enough to make me want to wear it every single day since I got it. No kidding!

-Familiar strangers. I love meeting and talking to people (and it’s so easy to do when you go romping around Manhattan/Queens/Brooklyn by yourself). I’ve met so many awesome people this week, and whether we talked for a few minutes or an hour it’s always been fun and entertaining. I love meeting people so much.

-Kowloon Cafe on the strip in Bensonhurst in Brooklyn has amazing boba and food. I am there like every single day, hehe. I especially like the pork chop sandwiches and green tea bubble tea.

-Being inspired! I’ve finally started on my graphic novel Snow Queen that my friend Julia and I are writing the screenplay for, but messing around in Photoshop with screentones and colors and page layouts has been so much fun. I’m so glad that I have the entire summer to do a graphic novel and to just have fun with it.

Other things: sleeping in, outings to the Natural History Museum, Neandertals, running amok in Greenwich Village, the fountain in Washington Square Park, text messages, Yoshihiro Tatsumi’s A Drifting Life, poems by John Ashbury, red bow headbands, pearls, smiling at strangers, little kids in the park, my kindergarten classes, the song “God Help the Girl”, Michelle Branch, making paper stars, desperate talking fish in Queens, walking in drizzly rain, laughing at nothing, reading Tarot for strangers, the upcoming Cake concert tomorrow night that I shall be attending with my friend Belinda, robots, bookshops, Beauty and the Beast, Gina Biggs’ Red String for inspiring me to persevere with my own artistic endeavors (she’s kept it up for over five years!), Sarah Ellerton’s Phoenix Requium, lounging in coffee shops with friends, sleepovers, random phone calls, challenging fate and getting closure, and finally, being able to put on my biggest, brightest, most genuine smile for the world to see, and getting a smile in return. ❤