Robot movies– I am seriously in love with Spielberg’s Artificial Intelligence and my friend Sara’s robot book. We spent all of yesterday watching AI and Terminator II and they were fabulous. I’m such a sucker for android love and everything from old-fashioned clockwork automatons to Sonny from I, Robot. Plus Sara’s dad made us dinner… you have to love that! Pork chops and corn on the cob, yummyyy <33

Puppies- Our new puppy Chessie is SO ADORABLE. She’s a little Shi-tzu, very quiet and sweet in temperament. I love sitting by the doorway to draw and write and she just comes and sits at my feet or lies in a little puppy pile on my toes. She’s playful and fun and very gentle and I love love love love her. She’s soft and cuddly and already knows how to use the bathroom outside by herself. She also has such beautiful eyes–one brown and one blue.

My high school friends- I am so happy to see everyone again. My new friends are amazing in their own way, but I’ve missed my old friends, too, more than I realized. There is nothing like New York, but there’s also nothing like an impromptu late-night drive (okay, not THAT late) in a convertible with the top down in 53 degree weather where you’re piled with tons of blankets and watching the stars fly by your face. There’s also nothing like stopping in a deserted secret park with said blankets and convertible and having a long, long conversation with your friends. Absolutely nothing like it. I have missed that. ❤ The stairwell has its own charm, of course, but this is absolutely wonderful. I don’t really have a designated “group” at college, so everyone together was awesome.

Other amazing, awesome and wonderful things: Pomegranate chocolate, eating Mom’s home cooking again, watching the rain fall on green green grass and trees, crazy Evangelical TV sing-along programs with talking… doughnuts?, shrimp temura sushi and miso soup, my fierce heels, visiting my old high school, talking to Mr. B, cherry blossoms blowing through classroom windows, iced tea and whiteboard markers, the stars, my car, the bars and barmen (couldn’t resist heehee), Lolita, clementines, peach tea, click-click-clicking in heels down empty hallways, girl talk with Ms. Milone, lounging around the house in comfy sweats and of course my parents. P: