-Walking in warm(ish) spring rains; This American Life (which I’ll be seeing live tonight! I’m so excited!); my Hot Fudge Sundae shoes from ModCloth (the most fabulous and comfortable pair of heels to walk in ever ever); managers who undress their mannequins so you can have the last dress; retail therapy; my new leopard print umbrella from Laila Rowe (it’s absolutely fierce); chocolate eggs; How to Live Like a Lady by Sarah Tomczak; walking around in Anthropologie with a good friend simply to admire all the cute things; my blue and white flowered Anthropologie teacup; Spielberg’s A.I.: Artificial Intelligence, which really brought back my love of robots and androids and robot/android love stories; The Arrival, by Shaun Tan (Shaun Tan who I will be seeing at a graphic novelists’ panel in Cooper Union in two weeks! Squee!); the ever warming and ever lovely spring weekend weather; picnics in Washington Square Park; friends who come from afar just to visit New York; almond butter and boysenberry jam sandwiches on thick white bread; pomegranate green tea; boys who appear, boys who disappear; my mottled notebook (it’s served me well through all these emotional hurricanes); long conversations in coffee shops; going to free readings at the Lilian Vernon Creative Writers’ House, getting two good grades in a row (wonder in which class the third one will be?); writing lots of stories; running into acquaintences at the oddest of times (which makes it ten times more awesome); my lovely and wonderful friends, who know enough about me to drag me into Anthropologie when I’m crying and upset and to walk around with me until my smile is back or to give me a hug and tell me I should set up a Roch IRA (to each their own, I suppose) or to simply listen as I ramble on and on and on and cry; and my smile, for it disappeared for a few days, and I am so, so, so glad to finally have it back.