-Oranges and peeling oranges, early morning cuddle sessions, running into people on the street and everywhere else in between, late-night ice cream and midnight breakfast runs, Yaffa Cafe, Sundaes and Cones, taro ice cream, matcha lattes, getting a letter back that I wrote last summer to myself at orientation (was it really that long ago? or rather, that short ago?), going to poetry readings, getting my inspiration back, smiling at everyone, calling old friends, silly emails from my mom, bright red bags with big bows, wearing my hot pink flats out again, rose quartz hearts, unexpected text messages from cute boys, planning for the future–English and Psychology, Creative Writing and Studio Art, doing what I love the most, going to the Met in a pretty dress, all the Renaissance drawings, being complimented by random museum curators who called me “beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!” <33, bunny rabbits, sleeping in my comfy bed, indoctrinating unsuspecting victims to Old Greg, laughing, laughing, laughing and reading Tarot, the East West bookstore, spooning and holding hands at seven in the morning.