Polka dotted black and white and red prom dresses, walks in the rain with a lacy black umbrella, cute teacups, Earl Grey lavender tea, honey bottles shaped like teddy bears, matcha ice cream, chicken karraage, the smell of fresh laundry, steaming orange hot chocolate, green tea lattes that look like melting snow on bright spring grass, tulle and frills and spinning around, smiling with your whole heart, running into friends in tea shops, reading on a bench outside, lavender, lavender, lavender, lolita lolita lolita (dresses!), white chicken chili with cilantro from Kimmel and lots of bread to go along with it, “I Do Not Hook Up” by Kelly Clarkson, people watching in Starbucks, rose quartz necklaces (they bring good vibes of friendship, love and peace), pearls, my new Feng Shui Tarot deck, surprising people with Tarot readings, puppies named Jezebel, and free Chinese food.