Inspired by Gala’s blog!

-Princesses. Seriously. Who hasn’t wanted to be a princess at one point or another in their lives? Okay, don’t answer that question for realzies. I watched Swan Princess again last night and my roommate looked at me funny because I was getting so worked up over it. But come on, it’s so cheesy and so hilarious you have to laugh! At the same time, scoff though we might at the notion of TRUE LOVE, it’s still nice to watch play out onscreen. Today my outfit was very princess-inspired, all pink white and lace and my little crown necklace that Mom gave me for my birthday a few years back. I felt like a princess. I’m watching Beauty and the Beast again as soon as I get home. It is THE best movie to pick you up when you’re having a bad day.

– People named Philip. Really. Philip Pullman, the author who’s had the biggest influence on my life ever ever EVER, and my banker, who is also named Philip. He’s not like my personal banker, but he was by far the youngest and coolest of the people at Chase (as well as the most helpful). He got me out of a serious pinch when I got scammed and helped me set up a new account and sorted everything out for me. I am so so so grateful for his help because I know diddly shit about money. Am I forgetting someone? Hm. P: Let’s just say a friend of mine who was there when I needed a hug. His name is Philip too.

-Poetry (lots and lots of P’s here) – it was like going into a writing workshop freed up all the bits of poetry that were floating around in my head so that I could finally put it all down sequentially. And also because the class gave me an opportunity to read poets that I would have otherwise never picked up before, like John Ashbery and otherwise. And poetry readings, which are lots of fun to go to, and reading poetry aloud by yourself on the stairwell and enjoying the sounds as they bounce around and echo.

-Pictures- I’ve been taking more and more pictures of things that I think are pretty or interesting with the camera on my phone; maybe for Christmas or my birthday or something I’ll ask for a legit photography camera so I can play around, because I love looking at people’s professional-looking photos–the quality is so much nicer than what you can do with a digital camera.


copyright Disney

-Others: Sunny and warm spring days in New York, long walks in the West Village, finding friends in crowded dining halls, meeting up with old friends, buying tea in a shop that smells like coffee beans, my new tea strainer, Butterfly Sencha tea, my dad and all his corny jokes, Yaffa Cafe and all its crazy interior decor, the expression on Erik’s face when he bit into a Magnolia cupcake for the first time, the word “lollop”, green tea lattes, finding out you got another coupon for five dollars off with your dress order, new dresses, running into people on the way to class (always three in a row!), being the friend who stamps the “seal of approval” on new boyfriends’ heads, thinking you bombed an exam but actually rocking it, happily ever afters, talks in stairwells and impromptu coffee runs with friends.