Even though it’s Monday, the week’s started off really wonderfully. Here are some happy things.


Eight in the morning class, Prof. Reubeck talking about how the linebreaks in a poem really lend themselves to the form and feel, and all of a sudden I got an idea for a story that’s probably slowly been building into a crescendo in the past few days, weeks, month–and I just had to scribble down the beginnings. It’s okay because Prof. Reubeck is AWESOME and he totally understands the importance of writing down impromptu bits of stories.

Snow, and snow, and snow! Even if walking’s a pain, when you’re looking at the fluff through the window of a coffee shop all of a sudden it becomes something lovely and poetic… but still slippery.

Skipping recitation to write and draw. I’m on such a creative kick! ❤ And writing and doodling all the way through anthropology lab, which was really easy so I could listen and doodle at the same time. It was so lovely.

Green tea lattes in Starbucks, mmmm.

Wishful thinking. I wished that you would pass by the window of the Starbucks where I was sitting with my tea and two seconds later there you were on your way to class. You didn’t see me, of course, I ducked my head down and pretended to be busy over my notebook, but inside my heart was laughing, laughing, laughing and it just made me want to throw my head back and giggle. Seeing you kind of made my day. I don’t know if you know (you probably don’t, it’s probably better you don’t) but you make me so happy, even if it’s just in passing. I know that I’ll see you again, because encounters of all sorts (and everything in general) always happen in threes, and this makes me happy. Even if we aren’t together, and even if we can’t be together, and even if you’ve already forgotten all about me by now, it doesn’t matter because seeing you smiling makes me smile, too.

Getting to hold a human brain in perception class. Now I can cross off “holding an brain” from the list of things I did before I die (I’m not really keeping a list, but still, it’s another experience all the same).

Finding out last night that I aced my first exam in child development, yesss!

Getting closer and closer to finally meeting my tutee for the first time; I’m so excited for our lessons to start!

Listening to Rent. Enough said. Let’s go ouuuuuut tonight! I have to go ouuuuuut tonight!

Seeing more and more pages of my black and white mottled notebook substantially fill up with words and drawings. I have never been in a more inspired mood as I’ve been in the past month–I didn’t even know I was capable of generating this much writing. I’m excited to finish this new story, as well as attend some poetry readings in the near future.

Meeting new friends! This weekend I met Marcine in an adorable little tea shop called Sympathy for the Kettle and we hung out, got ramen and watched Spirited Away, a perfect way to spend a Saturday night. Tomorrow I’m hanging out with Logan, who is in my writing class and is a really awesome person.

Reconciling with old friends! Mer and Rachel are visiting me this week, and my darling wife Tina is coming to the city on Sunday. I am so super excited to see everyone again. I can’t wait to show everyone my favorite places and to talk and have tea and gossip.

My friends in general. At the risk of sounding like a total sap and an insensitive bitch at the same time because in my shitty memory I’d probably leave someone out if I were to do individual shout outs, I’ll just say I have the craziest, loveliest, greatest group of friends ever.

My mom. I never thought I’d be saying this (and Jesus Christ two years ago I’d never in my WILDEST DREAMS thought I’d be saying this) but I love my mom. She’s hilarious and caring and kind and loves me always no matter what kind of stupid and surly things I’ve done (not to mention she’s the best cook ever) and I miss her painful hugs and playful (but still painful!) pinches when I’m here in the city at school. Likewise, in tandem, my dad, just for being awesome and still kind of dorky twenty-five some odd years after high school and for always encouraging me to keep my mind free and open and curious and to never stop questioning and to never stop being the best person I can be. He got me into self-help and always encouraged my dreams. And I guess because I’m obligated to–my sister. Oh Judith. Enough said. While I’m at it, how about the rest of my crazy extended family back in China, too. All of you who took care of me over the summer, I can’t love you enough. And Cooky and Ya Jie, my best friends in China. You guys saved me this summer.

Music. Music and music and music. Japanese, Indie, Chinese, soundtracks, music is always playing around me.

New York. Is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. This is a city, but not a city with no people… I am finding more and more reasons to love it every day.

The cold. It’s nice to get inside a warm establishment where there is a steaming hot drink waiting for you.

Sitting in the window seat at Starbucks and watching people, all kinds of people, and wondering about what their lives may be like. It’s even better if your friends pass by and you can knock on the window and smile at them.

Writing with a pen.

Smiling. C:

and kissing. ❤