cute tea setup-You said “I love you” like a stick on tattoo.

-This was what I came to New York to do–have nice tea (Earl Grey with lavender, yumm <3) in a classy little tea shop, wearing a pretty dress and a nice pair of shoes.

Nice poet boys in black converse who hide behind shaggy hair and smile as they think about what they’ll write next~

Snarky poet girls (how pretentious of me) in little dresses who smile and leave cute notes in tip jars and kiss just for fun

Earl Grey tea

black dresses and silk scarves and red heart pendants on dangly gold chains

not worrying about falling in love

falling in love with New York, with the sidewalks and sidewalk cafes, pigeons and sunny days, window shops and shoes, baristas and bohemians, classy days and classier nights~

red wine and jazz clubs and music, music, music

art art art

poetry and tea cups

Beautiful boys who disappear in a haze of cigarette smoke and lopsided smiles

Things that make me happy:

  • love
  • classiness
  • beauty- clothing, shoes, jewelry, makeup and facial potions
  • telling stories
  • drawing pictures
  • “They are beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!” <– Humbert Humbert
  • long walks
  • puppies
  • kittens
  • bunny rabbits
  • watching the stars
  • listening
  • sweetness, gentleness and compassion
  • being well dressed
  • elegance
  • Steampunk
  • Victoriana
  • Tea parties and cafe dates
  • dancing sillily
  • singing in public
  • rolling around on green grass
  • laughing at life’s little absurdities
  • smiling at strangers
  • honey
  • This American Life
  • good conversation
  • dreaming


My Ideal Date

  • a long walk in the West Village, talking, laughing, holding hands and people-watching
  • Getting cupcakes at Magnolia
  • Having tea in a cute cafe
  • petting random floofy doggies
  • being unafraid to giggle in public
  • Taking silly pictures
  • talk about dreams
  • a goodbye hug